Thank You for Your Support!

The Confronting Informality Symposium 2016 has been successfully completed. However, we would not be able to make it without the support from our sponsors, partners, and collaborators. Thus, we would like to take this opportunity to thank every one who has been supporting us and this event. Click the logo to find out more about our partners.

LOGOS_final-01LOGOS_final-02LOGOS_final-03LOGOS_final-04 LOGOS_final-05

Most importantly, we would not be able to make it without the endless support and assistance from Department of Urbanism’s Secretariat: Linda, Karin, Margo, Daniëlle, and Astrid.IMG_3488

Thank you very much.

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About p.r.santoso

I am an architect from Bandung, Indonesia; finished Masters of Urbanism in Department of Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology on Summer 2016. Other than architecture and urbanism, I also enjoy good food, cooking, singing, travelling and idea sharing.

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