Terms and conditions

All the members of the group agree with the following terms and conditions.

  1. The present competition is a not-for-profit academic exercise. In the spirit of academic freedom and inclusiveness, the proceedings of the competition, if any, will be used for the symposium Confronting Informality.
  2. The 20 euro subscription fee is non-refundable
  3. TU Delft is not liable for any legal or procedural issues arising from the competition. This responsibility belongs solely to the organisers of the competition.
  4. The jury will select a winner and a runner up. The prize for the winner is 3000 euros, and the prize for the runner-up is 1000 euros.
  5. The jury is composed by 3 recognised professionals or academics working in a field related to the study of or practice in the built environment.
  6. The jury will choose the winner and the runner up from a pool of 20 finalists chosen by the competition organisers (listed in the website).
  7. The intellectual property of drawings and texts submitted by each group belongs to the members of the said group.
  8. However, the organisation of the competition has the right to use drawings and texts for academic publications, reports, presentations and all other uses related to education, discussion and reporting. The images and text submitted will be used by TU Delft and the organisation of the competition in promotional material, as well as websites, publications and other digital, electronic and printed media without profit and without financial compensation to the authors.
  9. The authorship of texts and images will be asserted in all media.
  10. The 20 best entries will be selected to publication in a report published by TU Delft, including all drawings and texts submitted.